Interview: Resident Evil Revelations HD (English version)

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Resident Evil Revelations HD will be released on May 24th 2013 for Wii U, PlayStation 3, XBOX360 and PC. It's only been a little more than a year that the original version appeared exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. To this day the title is perceived as one of the most ambitious projects on Nintendo's handheld and has gained respect from the Resident Evil fanbase. Set between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, the story takes place on a scary cruise ship full of mutants and dangerous traps. A threatening conspiracy waits in the dark and can only be fought by the series' best-known protagonists. Its oppressive atmosphere really made the title stand out compared to the last few console titles.

We spoke about the game with Tsukasa Takenaka. Takenaka has already been responsible for the 3DS version as producer and takes this role again for the console version of the game. He also helped work on Resident Evil 5. In the interview we talk about the motivation behind the console versions, about the Wii U version's exclusive features and about the future direction of Capcom's traditional franchise.


When was the decision made to bring Resident Evil Revelations over to home consoles? Has the 3DS version always been planned as a timed exclusive?

The 3DS game was developed with only the 3DS in mind. We focused completely on that platform. Then after the game launched, many players told us they’d like to be able to play the game on their HDTVs, so we decided to bring the game to consoles in response to that fan feedback.

In which ways do you think will Resident Evil Revelations HD influence future entries in the series? Do you see it as a spin-off or a starting point for a new direction?

We at Capcom take fan feedback very seriously, and the reception of the console version of Revelations will of course have an influence on where the series goes. I think it’s still too early to say whether or not it will be a starting point for a new direction, though.

It is rumoured that not everyone at Capcom was pleased with the sales of Resident Evil 6 and that Resident Evil Revelations HD's success will have a huge influence on the future direction of the series. Which direction do you prefer personally - an action-approach or the classic survival horror? How would you want the next Resident Evil game to be?

I think one of the main reasons Revelations on 3DS was so well received was as a flipside of the post-Resident Evil 4 fan backlash to the modernisation of the series. But at the same time, the future of the series doesn’t rest only with how Revelations is received. If we continue down the road of bringing back classic survival horror, there will still be fans who want something new and different. Whatever form the next game in the series takes, it’s clear to me that we must continue to develop the series and bring new kinds of horror and surprise to players.

Let's talk about the Wii U adaption of the game since our readers are particularly interested in this version: Just like the Nintendo 3DS the Wii U offers an additional second screen with the Wii U GamePad. Would you say that this additional feature is a real advantage that the Wii U version of Resident Evil Revelations HD has over the other ones?

It’s not for me to say which version players will enjoy more, as there’s so much in the game to enjoy that’s in all versions, but it’s certainly true that the Wii U version has some features that aren’t included on the other versions.

Resident Evil Revelations HD marks the second Wii U title from Capcom besides Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. What is your impression of the Wii U's power and the console in general? Did you have to overcome any difficult obstacles to get the game done on Wii U?

The Wii U’s power was not difficult to get to grips with, since the hardware was released after the PS3 and 360, both of which we are used to. So we were able to spend time on things like implementing different types of controls for the GamePad, as well as Miiverse integration.

The Wii U version of Resident Evil Revelations HD supports Nintendos Social Network Miiverse in multiple ways. We were particularly surprised by the "Creatures Voice" feature where players can write the zombies' thoughts for other players. With such a feature in a horror-style game, how do you balance the funny aspect with the game's general scary atmosphere?

We wanted to provide a way for fans of the game to enjoy communicating with each other using Miiverse, but as you said, the scary atmosphere of the game is one of its key appeal points and something that needs to be protected. So in designing Miiverse support, we made sure that those features do not interfere with scary scenes by not having anything appear within gameplay in campaign mode. Death Messages only appear on the game over screen, and Creature’s Voice is specific to Raid mode, where the emphasis is less on horror and more on action. I think these features complement the game, and hope that fans can use them both in fun, amusing ways and also to scare each other!

We're generally interested in your approach of social features in games like Resident Evil Revelations HD: Which possibilities can Social Networks like the Miiverse offer when the game itself relies heavily on isolation and loneliness?

The feeling of isolation is certainly an important part of the horror atmosphere the game, and as I said in the previous question, the Miiverse features have been designed so that they don’t interfere with that. But outside the game, we wanted people to be able to communicate with each other. Miiverse is a tool that enables this kind of community activity between Resident Evil fans, and sits alongside the main game experience. I think this kind of carefully considered integration of social features in a way that encourages conversation and engagement between fans but doesn’t detract from the main experience is the way forward.

Which control schemes do you offer in Resident Evil Revelations HD? Is there a possibility to play with Wii-Remote and Nunchuk or the Wii U Pro Controller?

The Wii Remote and Nunchuk aren’t supported, but in addition to multiple control schemes on the GamePad, the game will support the Wii U Pro Controller.

What do you think: Does the Resident Evil franchise fit Nintendos Wii U console? Can we expect more from the franchise on Wii U in the future? On Wii you had a very strong history with the "Chronicles"-series.

We don’t have any concrete plans at this time.

A broader question for closing: High-profile video games become more and more expensive and can be considered a financial failure even if they sell multiple millions - the most recent example being SquareEnix' Tomb Raider with around 3 million sales. Do you think that we will se a change in the development of blockbuster titles like Resident Evil Revelations? Will it be neccessary for such titles to be available on every platform in order to be financially successful?

I think it’s hard to pin a so-called ‘failure’ on any one thing, be it the race to the top with expensive production costs, marketing overspend, or any other reasons that those of us on the outside might not know about. Speaking for Capcom, based on a game’s features and the market conditions, we decide whether it’s more suited for release on a single platform or if targeting multiple platforms is better. In the case of Revelations the outcome of that decision was releasing on PS3, 360, Wii U and PC.

Thank you for the interview!

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